In order for your benefits plan to pay for an orthotic, it has to be custom-made and designed based on our evaluation of your needs.

Our manufacturing partners in Quebec use 3D printing technology to produce the orthotics we provide.

You can expect your fitting appointment to be about two weeks after your initial assessment.

Your muscles, bones, and joints will get overworked as a result of wearing something that is not appropriately created to meet your demands, creating a situation where you can experience discomfort - our orthotics are made just for you!

Benefits of custom orthotics include

  • The 3D-printed orthotic does a great job of bolstering your foot's inherent strength and the arch support your body provides on its own
  • The thin design of the orthotic makes it simple to conceal it within or beneath the insole of any pair of shoes
  • Formal shoes, sandals, ski boots, and cycling shoes—all of these are made with the active individual in mind

This is followed up by a fitting session

Orthotic Manufacturing Questions

The orthotics we supply are made by our manufacturing partners in Quebec using 3D printing technology.

Your orthotics will be made by The Cryos Orthotics System.