Our Process

Our goal at The Movement Co. is to provide you with a high quality lifestyle which starts with your feet, orthotics to be precise.

We begin with a thorough examination of your medical history and symptoms before moving on to our hands-on assessment of your feet. Your lifestyle, history of injuries, and current footwear are all taken into account.

A Cryos system is used to take 3D and 2D scans of your feet so that we can analyse them thoroughly and provide you with helpful advice. If it is determined that you might benefit from custom orthotics, we will design and create them to your specifications. We'll make sure the orthotics fit right, and then show you how to use and maintain them.

We'll also ensure things are working by following up with you to see how things are improving.

Our 8 Step Process

We want to make sure that you have all of the information you need regarding your orthotic exeprience with The Movement Co. Our 8-step process breaks down as follows:

Medical History Review Your health and the causes of your present state can be better understood with a thorough explanation of your medical history.
Medical History Review
Examination One of our chiropractors, Dr. Luc or Dr. Val, will do a hands-on examination of the lower limbs, looking for anomalies in the foot's structure, alignment, strength, range of motion, and soft-tissue injury.
Gait analysis & Movement Assessment The doctor will watch your gait in order to detect any anomalies or adjustments (e.g. whether you favour one leg or the other). We'll check for foot problems that might be affecting your overall health.
Gait analysis & Movement Assessment
2D & 3D Scan The Cryos technology will then be used to create 3D and 2D scans of your feet so that we can analyse them thoroughly and provide you detailed feedback and insights.
Based on the results of the evaluation and the 3D foot scan, we will then discuss why you may or may not benefit from orthotics.
2D & 3D Scan
Orthotic Manufacturing Your orthotics are 3D printed by our manufacturing partners in Quebec.
Orthotic Manufacturing
Orthotic Fitting Session Our team will evaluate how you walk while wearing your new custom made orthotics.
Orthotic Fitting Session
Education We will clarify things like breaking in your new orthotics, lifespan, and how they should fit.
Checking-in We’ll check in with you to make sure that everything is great as your return to living a healthy lifestyle is our number one goal.