Insurance Coverage

Do you or your partner take use of any group perks or insurance plans provided by your employer? Fortunately, many private insurance plans, including those supplied to government employees, include orthotics.

A prescription from a licenced medical practitioner, such a family physician, is often required to be eligible for this sort of coverage. We have chiropractors that may examine you and perhaps provide a prognosis as to why you require orthotics.

You should be aware that over-the-counter orthotics and orthotics worn during sports are not covered. Additionally, the orthotics must be fabricated using a 3D cast or scan of your foot and constructed from the appropriate materials. Please check with your insurance company to learn more about your coverage. This data is often posted on the service provider's website.

To file a claim, keep in mind that you must have:

  1. Medical professional recommendation
  2. Hard copies of your biomechanical evaluation
  3. Specifics about the casting method and materials employed in the production of the orthotics
  4. The purchase receipt for the orthotics

In many cases, a prescription from a certified medical professional, such a family doctor, is necessary to qualify for insurance coverage of orthotics.

Every insurance company has different terms - if you want to know more about your policy's coverage, call your insurance provider or it may be available on their website.