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Assessments and Insoles

Orthotics are a great strategy to enhance your health, starting with your feet. Supporting your feet and alignment, orthotics are devices that fit easily and discreetly into your shoes.

Benefits can include pain reduction in feet, ankles, and knees along with an improvement in your posture. Orthotics are a non-surgical and simple way to improve your health and reduce discomfort and pain.

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Our process

Our process

Foot related strains which stem from activities such as running can lead to all around discomfort and the inability to enjoy your activities to the fullest.

Our team can help you identify and correct their issues through the usage or orthotics.

Our Process

Runners + Cyclists

Running and cycling places large amounts of stress on the underside of the foot which, over time, can lead to serious health problems.

Our orthotic services will empower you to discover options on how to correct any foot related issues.

Runners + Cyclists
Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic Insoles

Foot orthotics are inserts which slip right into your shoe to correct walking, running and standing patterns.

Your orthitic insoles will be custom made from an exact scan of your feet and manufactured by Cryos Technologies.


Orthotics Made Just For You.

The Cryos Orthotics System put all my concerns to rest because the science speaks for itself. The scanner produces 2D and 3D foot scans that are statistically reproducible. The 3D-printed orthotic is designed to enhance your body’s natural reflex to support your arch and actually strengthens your foot.

Best of all, the orthotic is so sleekly designed that no matter what you’re doing, they easily go from shoe to shoe, fitting over or under the existing insole. From ski boots and cycling shoes to dress shoes and sandals, these are made for active people!

Our whole team is knowledgeable about Cryos orthotics. If you are wondering whether they can help you enjoy your activity more or just need a new pair, ask us.

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